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Fascinating Facts About The Romans
Nama:Fascinating Facts About The Romans
Date:29 July 2017
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Ancient Rome had a huge effect on the world as we know it today. Many of the ideas they had in regards to governing and infrastructure are still in use in the modern world, and similar to Ancient Egypt, everyone knows quite a lot about the Ancient Romans.

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10. Christians Weren’t Fed To Lions and Many Tales of Martyrdom Were Exaggerated
9. In Ancient Rome the Word Decimate had an Entirely Different Meaning
8. Romans Shared a Sponge on a Stick for Cleaning Up After Using Public Toilets
7. The Romans Invented an Early Form of Concrete
6. The Romans Drove a Birth Control Plant to Extinction
5. Some Believe the Antichrist Referred to was Nero
4. The Romans Flooded the Colosseum in Order to Conduct Mock Sea Battles
3. The Very Strange Lives of Ancient Rome’s Vestal Virgins
2. Urine Was Used as a Cleaning Product for Both Teeth and Clothes
1. There is Little Evidence That Romans Threw Up on Purpose So They Could Eat More Food

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